EnquiryBot is great at generating record levels of sales enquiries from your website and helping you and your team manage and turn those enquiries into sales.

Sometimes though you may want to send those enquiries into another platform or system or track conversions with advanced analytical tools.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of integrations with some of the most widely used online platforms and analytics tools.

Our integrations

Google Analytics - read more
Automatically send EnquiryBot events to Google Analytics

Google Ads - read more
Track conversions from your EnquiryBot originating from a Google Ad campaign

Facebook Pixel - read more
Track Facebook Ad conversions and build custom audiences

Mailchimp - read more

Send enquiries from your bot into a Mailchimp audience

Zapier Webhook - read more

Send enquiries from your bot into 1000's of other platforms

Google Sheets - Coming soon!
Send enquiries that enter particular stages in your pipeline to a google sheet

We are continually developing new native integrations with EnquiryBot so if you have one that you think would work well for your business, drop us an email on support@enquirybot.com.

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