Facebook Pixel is a small snippet of code that is associated with your Facebook Ads account. When placed on your website it allows you to track conversions from your Ads and build custom audiences for retargeting campaigns.

With the EnquiryBot integration, you can track these same conversions and audiences directly from interactions with your EnquiryBot.

Here's how it works...

Step 1. Go to the integrations tab on the bot builder and add in your Facebook pixel Id. Here's where you can find your Id - Read more. You can choose to send all events or only send specific events. Once added, click save and connect.

Step 2. Once connected, each time someone interacts with your EnquiryBot the following events can be fired depending on what you have chosen to send.

  • EnquiryStarted - This event fires when the user starts a new conversation from a Welcome Message or the Default Widget Call to Action. It appears as "EnquiryStarted"

  • EnquiryCompleted - This event fires when the visitor fully completes the chat from start to finish. It appears as "Enquiry Completed" Please note, there can be a case when someone enters email and phone number and then drops off the chat. In this case, it will not fire "EnquiryCompleted" as they have no gone completely through the bot all the way to exit.

  • EmailCaptured - This event fires when the visitor inputs their email address within the conversation. It appears as "EmailCaptured."

  • PhoneCaptured - This event fires when the visitor inputs their phone number within the conversation. It appears as "PhoneCaptured."

  • Dismissed - This event fires when a visitor dismisses or closes the chat popup. It appears as "Dismissed"

These events will show up in your events manager

Step 3. If you have a marketing agency or consultant running your Ads, they would know what to do from this point.

If you are setting this up yourself, then a great way to track the conversions from your Ads is to setup a custom conversion.

Custom conversions can be setup in your Events manager within your Facebook Ads account.

You can then create a custom conversion to track the conversion of your Facebook Ad if it converts through your EnquiryBot.

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