Our conversational landing page is a great way to generate even more enquiries from your EnquiryBot.

The landing page is a full-screen version of your bot, hosted on a simple, clean page that you can design and tailor to match your brand or campaign theme.

The page has been designed with one thing in mind, CONVERSIONS!

There is no distraction on the landing page, just your customer and your EnquiryBot!

Here are a few real-world use case for your conversational landing page:

  • Replace your contact page

    Let's face it, contact pages can be a bit dull. Bring it to life by linking the contact us menu item to your conversational landing page. Simply replace the link or get your developer to add the embed code to a new contact page.

  • Create a QR code and add it to flyers or posters on your premises

    This is a great way if, for example, you have premises that customers walk past or visit. You can create a QR code, link it to the landing page and add it to posters or flyers. Once scanned potential customers will be redirected to the page!

    QR Code Monkey is a great free tool where you can generate your own QR code for your landing page. Simply copy the URL from this box on the share tab. And paste it in QR code monkey.

  • Run an ad campaign directly to the landing page.

    You can grab the URL to the landing page and use it as the endpoint for clicks to your paid ad campaigns, be it Google Ads of Facebook.

  • Link it in your signature

    You could link to the landing page directly from your email signature.

  • Ad the link to your email campaigns and broadcasts

Useful tips

  1. Shorten the URL

    You may want to shorten and customize the page url for sharing. A great free tool to do that is called Cuttly. Here's the link to check that out - https://cutt.ly/

2. Drop the page in your website

On the share tab, there is a code that you can grab. You simply create a page on your website and drop the code below in the body section of the page.

Please note, this is an advanced feature so you may need some assistance from your website developer to implement this on your website.

We'd love to hear how you use your conversational landing page!

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