Actions can be found within your inbox and are a great way to keep on top of the next actions you need to take when dealing with a sales enquiry.

Actions can be found on the center tab within an enquiry and creating an action is really easy.

Step 1 - Click the + Action button

Step 2 - Select your action type

There are 4 types of actions that you can log to track your productivity (Email, Phone, Meeting, To-do)

Step 3 - Give your action a name

For example "Call James regarding his quote"

Step 4 - Add a note

Add some detail to the action so you remember what it was about

Step 5 - Due date, reminders and assignment

Setup a due date, reminder and who the action is assigned to. By default, the action is assigned to you the user, but you can assign it to another member of your team.

Your reminders will be sent via email and on the platform.

Step 6 - Complete your task

When you've completed your next action, simply tick the tick box and you're done!

Pro tip!

You can also add an action when creating a note

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