*Custom fields settings are only available to Team Admin users of your account

Custom fields enable you to input data that is important to your business but not a part of EnquiryBot by default. You can add any number of fields to suit your needs.

Your EnquiryBot will capture your pre-programmed enquiry and sub enquiry types but with custom fields, you can input important data after you've had the chance to speak with your customer.

Adding Custom Fields

Adding custom fields is easy, head over to your settings sections and under account, click "Custom Fields"

Step 1 - Click "Add New Field"

Step 2 - Name the field, select the field type, select the field category and give a description to it so you know what it is in the future if you need to edit it.

Step 3 - Decide if you want this field to be mandatory for your team to fill in

Step 4 - Decide if you want this field to show on all Enquiry Types "Default for all" or "Default for enquiry" which allows you to only show this field for the specific category select above.

Step 5 - Click save

Custom Field Categories

Field categories will be populated with your bots enquiry types and sub enquiry types by default in your account.

You can always add more categories yourself manually but the "Default for enquiry" option above will only work for your bots enquiry and sub enquiry types.

Adding custom fields to your Enquiries

Within your inbox or sales pipeline on the bottom right of the enquiry, there is a custom fields section. Here you can click "+ add" and add one of your custom fields

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