If you have multiple departments or a high volume of enquiries your main default pipeline for your EnquiryBot can become cluttered after a while.

That's why we developed the multiple pipeline feature.

With this feature you can create a pipeline for example for wedding enquiries only or golf enquiries only.

It's a great way to keep a particular department focused on the enquiries that only apply to them.

Setting this up is easy

Step 1. Go to - https://app.enquirybot.com/sales

Then click + Add sales pipeline

Step 2. Give the pipeline a name so you know what it is in the future

Step 3. Add a condition

The condition is the rule or trigger for enquiries to go into this pipeline. In this case, the user wants all golf enquiries from bot name "Demonstration" to go straight into the Golf Sales Pipeline.

Step 4. Save & Continue

That's it! Now all golf enquiries will come straight to the Golf Sales Pipeline automatically. They will be default go to the first stage "New Enquiries"

It's important to note that all enquiries will still come into the default pipeline for the bot.

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