Keeping the whole team on the same page is key when managing your sales process. There are many times when you need to let a member of the team know when a deal has been moved into a certain stage of your sales pipeline.

That's why we developed the Automated stage notifications feature.

You can now setup emails that will be sent out to members of your team when a card is moved into a certain stage.

Setting this up is really easy.

Step 1. Go the stage which you would like to trigger the email from when a card is moved into it and click the three dots and click emails.

Step 2. Click emails, and create a new email

Step 3. Fill in the details of the email

  • To: this is the email address that you want the email to be sent to
  • Email Name: Name the email so that you can find it again in the future
  • Subject: The subject title of the email
  • From user: Select the EnquiryBot user that you would like the email to be sent from

Write the text for the email you would like to send and click save.

That email is now linked to that stage. When a card is moved into that stage the email will be sent out.

Here's an example of the inbox that would arrive in the inbox of the general manager in this case.

*You'll see by default in the email that a button will be added. The button is linked back to the deal that has been moved to the stage.

If you want to create another email, simply click "create" or if you want to use the same email and change a few details, then click the copy button.

To delete the email, click the trash icon or if you want to stop the email from sending but not delete it click remove.

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